The "OG" Fish Shop

Leaving "The Fish Shop" behind Frederik joined the Ex-Grey "Marketing Man" Chris D'sylva to re-imagine seafood from source to shop.

Flag 1.

Chris & Frederik launched late 2019 on Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill. Within 3 months the pair became the first fishmongers to cut a whole bluefin tuna, in the front of the store - becoming renown as "Tuna Wednesday".

"The brand operates at the dichotomy of food and culture, saying f**k you to the status quo"

- Chris D'sylva

Uniting the industry

In preparation of March 2020 lockdown, Chris called a "battle meeting" in which he discussed his vision for a united industry solution to the situation ahead. Assembling a single store for HG Walter, Natoora, Ottolenghi, Happy Endings, Japanese Knife Company & Neals yard was the vision, a plan pulled together in less than 3 weeks.

Building the rocket

Creating an "open door policy" for the amazing local talent effected by CV-19 to come and work in the Fish Shop. The team geared up the brand to become the unofficial lockdown heros of West London.

Rockstars assemble

Building a team of 30 delivery rockstars to send over 10,000 orders across London in under 3 months - never sleeping or taking a day off, Chris ensured London received the best quality products within an hour of ordering.

Dreams to remember

Never tiring the team opened site number 2 "Supermarket Of Dreams" a futurist exploration in food retail. A take on the convenience store with quality, selection and service at the forefront.

Fashion x Food

Throwing out the rule book once again the team agreed to re-design the brand visuals. Paying homage to the relationship between food & fashion. The vision is to create a new mindset. One that is free to challenge the norm, says no to the mediocre and puts people & products before profit.

Here we go again

Rolling on from the re-brand the Westbourne Grove store began a 4 week refit. Stripping it back to its core & re-imagining how fish & meat should be served. Evolving from Notting Hill Fish shop to "Notting Hill Fish & Meat" is the next step in the brands journey. The rest, well, you decide.